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Benefits of Having a Website

  • A website can give you many ways to make money .
  • Most organic traffic leads valuable customer to your site .
  • A good website can builds trust & credibility for you.
  • website create a simple way to Communicate Better With Your Customers .

So let’s get started !

What is Affiliate Marketing ?

Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting other’s products or services and earn commission after every purchase made through your link.

Start your Affiliate Marketing with Wealthy Affiliate as Free !

 Kyle and Carson (co-founders of WA)

Wealthy Affiliate has

  • a Community with about a million members from 195 Countries
  • an online educator for beginner to professional with classified tutorials
  • a WordPress hosting with many integrated tools for website analysis, management, ranking, and security.
  • you can Start a Business , promote it and Sell Your Business in this platform.
  • Earn Money while you Learn

How I Can Start With Wealthy Affiliate ?

For start an Affiliate Marketing you must do this steps :

  1. Sign Up Here and Complete Your Profile
  2. Select A Niche
  3. Build A Website ( and register domain if needed)
  4. Create Content
  5. Attract Visitors And Lead Traffic
  6. Earn Revenue

1 – Sign Up With Wealthy Affiliate And Get Free Amazon Host

Wealthy Affiliate give this features for free :

Website Installs (WordPress + SSL)2
Website Builder + Security Package
Analysis + SiteSpeed Performance Boost
Duplicate Content Checker
Server Class Amazon c4.large
DDoS protection
Botnet protection
Free Training
Keyword Research Tool
Affiliate Program

2- Select A Niche

When starting a business, your first step is selecting a niche that will attract enough clients to make your business more profitable.

For select a specific niche you can think about your interest or passion or think about other’s problem. and then test it by Google trend.

For example for Health Niches we select Joint pain and Google trend result:

The result shows a good niche with stable and more attractive by time.

3- Build A Website

Building Your Own Niche Website On WA

4- Create Content

Creating Your Initial Website Content On WA

5- Attract Visitors And Lead Traffic

High Quality Traffic for affiliate marketing is traffic that turns into sales and most of high quality traffic comes from search engine and social media.

The peoples that see your link , interest to your topic and click on it for discover your content.

For get High Quality Traffic at first you must create High-Value Content that has specific keywords and solve a problem.

At second you must Use Pay-Per-Click Advertising Power like Google AdWords , Bing and Yahoo.

Then use Social Media Advertising like Facebook , Twitter , YouTube , LinkedIn , Pinterest , …

And again and again Boost your website SEO for better result in search engine.




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